News Headlines - 06 February 2019

Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery - BBC News

Pope Francis has admitted that clerics have sexually abused nuns, and in one case they were kept as sex slaves.
He said in that case his predecessor, Pope Benedict, was forced to shut down an entire congregation of nuns who were being abused by priests.
It is thought to be the first time that Pope Francis has acknowledged the sexual abuse of nuns by the clergy... The Pope's comments come amid long-running cases of sexual abuse of children and young men by priests at the Church.

Canada’s Sunrise Records throws beleaguered HMV chain a lifeline |

Canadian retailer Sunrise Records is pulling stricken retailer HMV out of bankruptcy in a deal that will safeguard some 1,500 jobs.
However, administrator KPMG says 27 stores will close immediately, resulting in a loss of 455 jobs.
Sunrise Records will acquire 100 stores across the United Kingdom, and 1,487 stores and head office employees will transfer as part of the transaction. Sunrise Records took over dozens of HMV Canada locations back in 2017.

Brexit ministers to study secret hi-tech plan to that could break the Irish backstop deadlock

Officials from DexEU have been quietly working on the blueprint - drawn up by Japanese firm Fujitsu - for 10 months. But, it has been rapidly dusted down in the last week after MPs voted to replace the current Irish backstop with a different one that could involve “alternative arrangements”... Named the ‘Drive Through Border Concept’, it ensures there is no need for any physical checks on the border or hard infrastructure.
Instead, a tracking system monitors vehicles on designated routes as they cross from Northern Ireland to the Republic via GPS as well as number plate recognition cameras.

U.S. D-Day flag to return home 75 years after Normandy landing | Reuters

A rare D-Day flag that flew on a U.S. Navy ship leading the allied advance at the beaches of Normandy nearly 75 years ago will be returned to America after going on display in the Netherlands on Monday.
The 48-star “Normandy” flag was on the U.S. Navy’s LCC 60, one of just three advanced fleet vessels directing troops onto Utah Beach in German-occupied France on June 6, 1944.

Uefa 'looking to scrap away goal rule in Champions League' after Wenger and Mourinho complaints

In the 1960s, home advantage was more of a significant factor with longer travel times and non-standardised balls.
And footie chiefs responded by introducing the concept of a two-legged tie being settled by which team scored the most away goals in 1965.
But the policy is seen as out of date in today's era, with advances in technology and governance levelling the playing field... In September, a number of top coaches - including Wenger, Mourinho, Unai Emery, Max Allegri, Carlo Ancelotti, Paulo Fonseca, Julen Lopetegui and Thomas Tuchel - met to discuss away goals.
And following the chat, Uefa competition director Giorgio Marchetti said: “They think that achieving away goals is not as difficult as in the past.


2度目の米朝首脳会談27、28日にベトナム開催 トランプ氏表明 - 産経ニュース


米上院、シリア駐留米軍の性急な撤退に反対する法案可決 | ロイター


氷点下48度にトランプ氏「温暖化、君が必要」 : 読売新聞オンライン


YouTube、「動画を見ないで低評価クリック」する組織的行為への対策を検討中 - ねとらぼ

YouTubeのクリエイターチームが運営する「Creator Insider」の動画「YouTube News Flash!」で、低評価ボタンの仕様変更の可能性があると言及しました。現時点で議論されている可能性は全部で3つ。1つは、高評価・低評価の数値を表示しないこと。2つ目は、低評価を押したユーザーに対して理由を聞くというもの。3つ目は、YouTubeから低評価ボタンを一切なくしてしまうというもの。……問題となっている「dislike mobs」とは、「十分に動画を視聴せずに低評価を押すことだけを目的とした集団」を意味しています。この行為が問題となるのは、過剰な低評価が付いた動画はYouTubeで推奨されづらい可能性があり、クリエイターのチャンネルに悪影響を及ぼすためです。

日産・ルノー連合、自動運転でグーグル陣営に参画  :日本経済新聞


News Headlines - 05 February 2019

Cabinet ministers hold secret discussions on plans to delay Brexit by eight weeks

Cabinet ministers have secretly discussed plans to delay Brexit by eight weeks despite warnings by Theresa May that it is “counter-productive” to talk about it.
Ministers want the EU to agree a two-month "grace period" after March 29 if Mrs May’s deal passes through Parliament to allow extra time for necessary legislation.
Britain would remain in the EU on the same terms during this temporary period, The Telegraph understands.
An eight-week delay would mean Brexit being postponed to May 24.

UK, EU watchdogs agree clearing houses pact for no-deal Brexit | Reuters

The BoE said it and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) had agreed memoranda of understanding regarding cross-border cooperation and information-sharing between regulators for central counterparties and central securities depositories... The announcement means that stock, bond and derivatives transactions will face no immediate disruption if Britain leaves the bloc on March 29 without a transition deal.

Norway urges students to avoid UK universities in Brexit warning | The Guardian

Norway’s government is advising its citizens against studying in the UK because of Brexit, in a warning that will fuel concerns from universities about falling enrolment from Europe.
In blunt comments, Iselin Nybø, Norway’s minister responsible for higher education, urged students to avoid British universities.
Speaking to state broadcaster NRK, she said: “There’s so much uncertainty because of Brexit. If you’re a student and plan to travel out of Norway to study this autumn, I recommend you look at other countries than Great Britain.”

Nissan to hold extraordinary shareholders meet on April 8 to approve new director - Channel NewsAsia

Nissan Motor said on Tuesday (Feb 5) it will hold an extraordinary shareholders meeting on Apr 8 to formally discharge its ex-chairman Carlos Ghosn following his arrest on financial misconduct charges.
The meeting also aims to approve Renault SA Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard as a director, it said.

Japan's deputy prime minister blames women 'not giving birth' for declining population - CNN

Japan's deputy prime minister has come under fire after apparently blaming childless women for Japan's demographic woes.
Taro Aso, 78, denied that the elderly were the cause of the country's declining population and increasing social security costs during a speech in Fukuoka prefecture in southern Japan on Sunday... After being grilled by an opposition lawmaker during a budget committee session, Aso said Monday that he would retract the remark "if it caused misunderstanding."


マクロン大統領、「黄ベスト」収拾へ5月に14年ぶり国民投票か 仏紙:AFPBB News

フランスのエマニュエル・マクロン(Emmanuel Macron)大統領が、自身の政策に対する抗議運動「ジレ・ジョーヌ(黄色いベスト、gilets jaunes)」への対応の一策として、今年5月に国民投票の実施を検討していると、仏紙が3日報じた。実施されればフランスでは14年ぶりの国民投票となる。
 仏週刊紙「ジュルナル・デュ・ディマンシュ(Le Journal du Dimanche)」は、国民投票ではマクロン氏が大統領選で公約に掲げた国民議会の議員数削減の是非が問われると伝えている。また、議員の任期に期数制限を設けてベテラン議員の影響力を抑制する提案の是非も問われるという。

英、16年の日産宛て書簡公表 115億円の支援提案:日本経済新聞


デンマーク当局、ファーウェイ社員2人を国外退去 就労ビザ規則違反 | ロイター




『スター・ウォーズ』最新作12月20日公開決定!さっぽろ雪まつりで発表 |

1977年に『スター・ウォーズ エピソード4/新たなる希望』が米国で公開されてから42年、永きに渡り紡がれてきた伝説と呼べる唯一の映画が、集大成となる『スター・ウォーズ/エピソード9』(仮題)でついに幕を下ろす――。

News Headlines - 04 February 2019

China’s BRI is facing resistance in region, says ministry report | Hindustan Times

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a connectivity project linked to Chinese president Xi Jinping, is facing a “push back”, especially in India’s immediate neighbourhood, according to a study by the Union ministry of external affairs (MEA), at a time when Beijing is getting ready to hold the 2nd Belt and Road forum meeting this April.
Launched five years ago, BRI is spread over 80 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and the Arctic, with an apparent aim to re-energise trade through investments in ports and power plants. The project, billed at about $900 billion, will enhance China’s influence and is seen as a key to its global ambitions.

Faulty job data blasted in latest Japanese scandal - The Straits Times

Japan's Labour Ministry has drawn flak after it was found to have released faulty job data for years, in what the opposition has slammed as a ruse to burnish the sheen of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic policies... Revised figures, showing that real wages dropped by an average of about 0.5 per cent year on year in the 11 months to November, are expected to be presented to Parliament this week. This is worse than the average 0.05 per cent decrease announced previously.

Brexit: What are the new ideas for the Irish backstop? - BBC News

The backstop is an insurance policy - designed to avoid a hard border "under all circumstances" between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.
If the UK leaves the customs union and the single market that could mean goods would have to be checked as they crossed the frontier.
The UK and EU would instead like to keep the border frictionless through a comprehensive trade deal.
If such an agreement could not be reached, then to avoid those checks with customs posts or other infrastructure, the backstop would come into force. It would keep the UK in a "single customs territory" with the EU, and leave Northern Ireland in the EU's single market for goods.
Many MPs fear the UK could be "trapped" in that arrangement for years, leaving it unable to strike its own trade deals on goods with the rest of the world.
The prime minister's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) allies also do not want to see Northern Ireland treated differently from the rest of the UK.

Assaults on rail staff caught on camera - BBC News

Rail staff are being issued with body-worn cameras in a bid to cut the amount of abuse they're having to face.
The cameras can record an incident and be used as evidence against the attacker. Some staff say they've switched jobs after being attacked, which they describe as "part of daily life".

Super Bowl ratings still super, but drop for Rams-Patriots snoozer - CNN

Super Bowl LIII averaged 100.7 million viewers across several channels and streaming outlets, according to CBS.
The overall viewership was the lowest total for a Super Bowl match-up since 2009... The last time CBS televised the Super Bowl, in 2016, the game averaged almost 112 million viewers on TV. In 2017, viewership held steady around 111 million. In 2018, it dropped to 103.4 million viewers on TV.


独メルケル首相 きょう3年ぶり訪日 | NHKニュース


日産、SUV生産を英から九州へ ゴーン氏決定を変更:朝日新聞デジタル

日産自動車は3日、欧州向けのスポーツ用多目的車(SUV)の「エクストレイル」の次期モデルの生産場所について、予定していた英国中部のサンダーランド工場から日産自動車九州(福岡県苅田町)に切り替えると発表した。英国の欧州連合(EU)離脱まで2カ月を切って「合意なき離脱」が現実味を帯びる中、英国からの輸出では競争力に問題が出ると判断した。 : 19世紀の「ディケンズ病」が再燃、猩紅熱などの患者急増 英



伝説のSF漫画「銃夢」を、ジェームズ・キャメロン製作・脚本で映画化した「アリータ:バトル・エンジェル」が2月22日より劇場公開。これに先駆けてロンドン・ワールド・プレミアが現地時間1月31日に開催され、ジェームズ・キャメロンや原作の木城ゆきと、キャスト陣らが登場。現地からのレポートが届いた。 : ペイトリオッツがラムズ下す、6度目の優勝 NFLスーパーボウル


News Headlines - 03 February 2019

Plan to evacuate the Queen after a no-deal Brexit | News | The Sunday Times

The Queen and other senior royals will be evacuated from London in the event of riots triggered by a no-deal Brexit, under secret plans being drawn up by Whitehall.
Emergency proposals to rescue the royal family during the Cold War have been “repurposed” in recent weeks, as the risk continues to rise of the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal before next month’s deadline.

Trump says he has ‘no plans’ to withdraw US troops from S. Korea - Stripes

President Donald Trump said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he has “no plans” to withdraw U.S. forces from South Korea as he prepares for another summit with North Korea’s leader.
The president has frequently complained about the expense of maintaining servicemembers on the divided peninsula. Seoul and Washington are involved in a standoff over sharing the cost, raising concern the president may move to pull them out.
But Trump told CBS News the issue hasn’t come up.

Man spends 100 hours painstakingly recreating Pimlico Tube station in Minecraft | London Evening Standard

A keen gamer has revealed how he dedicated 100 hours towards painstakingly recreating Pimlico Tube station in the popular video game Minecraft... The man, named only as David and who goes by the screen name Creator Labs, recreated the station by using reference images on the internet.
The project was started in Minecraft in December last year and was finished earlier this month. The game lets players build entire worlds out of nothing but blocks.

Emiliano Sala: missing Premier League footballer’s plane found | The Guardian

The wreckage of the plane that vanished with the Premier League footballer Emiliano Sala on board has been found within hours of a search starting in the sea off the Channel Islands.
A search boat hired privately by Sala’s Argentinian family - thanks partly to a crowdfunding appeal - located the wreckage on Sunday morning.
The crew passed the details of the location on to government investigators, who used a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) to examine the spot.

Antalyaspor 2-6 Besiktas: Shinji Kagawa scores twice in three minutes on his debut | Daily Mail Online

Shinji Kagawa scored two goals in three minutes after coming on for his Besiktas debut in a 6-2 win at Antalyaspor in the Turkish league on Sunday.
The Japanese star, who moved from Borussia Dortmund to Besiktas on the last day of the winter transfer window on Thursday, came on in the 81st minute with his team leading 4-1.
Kagawa scored one minute later with his first action with the ball when he let fly inside the bottom left corner from around 18 yards. He added a second from a free kick two minutes later.


ロンドンに学ぶ都市の魅力向上 東京五輪は文化催事もカギ - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


「命いくつあっても…」五輪の建設現場 国際機関が調査:朝日新聞デジタル


中・東欧で高い賃金上昇率、ジェトロ投資コスト調査 - ジェトロ

他方、賃金水準は西欧と中・東欧では依然として差が大きい。2018年のワーカー月額賃金で見ると、西欧ではジュネーブ(スイス)が6,391ユーロと群を抜いて高く、その他の都市では2,000~3,000ユーロ台だった。中・東欧では、1,375ユーロと最も高かったプラハチェコ)を除いて、1,000ユーロ未満だった。 : 電車から妊婦を引きずり下ろす警備員、動画が波紋 スウェーデン


北欧バイキングたたえる火祭り、英シェトランド諸島:AFPBB News

スコットランド沖に位置するシェトランド諸島(Shetland Islands)で29日、北欧系バイキングの末裔(まつえい)たちの祭典「ウップヘリーアー(Up Helly Aa)」が行われた。

News Headlines - 02 February 2019

EU-Japan trade: Five things about the world's biggest deal - BBC News

Cheaper wine and cheese for Japan, cheaper cars for the EU - part of what the EU-Japan trade deal, now in force, means.
The world's biggest such deal, it covers nearly a third of global GDP and 635 million people.
However there are warnings that the UK could lose its benefits if it leaves the EU without an agreement... Here are five things about the deal:
1) Services as well as Sancerre and Suzukis
2) Japan's emergence as a free trade champion
3) The UK may only be in it for 59 days
4) The climate component
5) Where does it leave the US and China?

Porn actor who filmed himself in threesome on busy Tube train fined £1,000

An adult performer who filmed himself and his former partner having a threesome on a Tube train in front of passengers has been fined £1,000.
Porn actor George Mason, 35, and Nicholas Mullan, 24, were with a third man, who has not been identified, on a Northern Line train between Leicester Square and Waterloo.
The incident happened in July 2017 but was not reported until February last year, when it was posted on Twitter.

Huge cocaine shipment swapped with salt to catch traffickers | The Guardian

Italian police have taken possession of more than two tonnes of cocaine in the largest drugs seizure in the country in 25 years, after a sting operation involving three other nations across two continents.
The drugs, discovered in 60 bags in a cargo container at the Port of Genoa, have a total value of €500m (£436m) and were found with the help of the British, Colombian and Spanish police... The container set off from Colombia and arrived in Genoa last week and was then destined for Barcelona in Spain.
To catch the traffickers in Barcelona, the Italian investigators replaced the cargo of drugs - 1,801 bricks of pure cocaine - with salt and let it continue on its journey. In the Catalan city, Spanish police arrested the alleged recipient of the shipment, a 59-year-old Spaniard.

Japan police probe 'uranium' on online auction site - The Straits Times

Japanese authorities are investigating how a substance that appears to be uranium came to be offered for sale on an online auction site, a nuclear official said on Thursday (Jan 31).
Police are trying to confirm whether the product is radioactive, he said, with local media reporting investigators are questioning "a number of people" suspected of involvement in the sale and purchase of the substance.

New biometric boarding launched at Miami International Airport | Miami Herald

On Friday, MIA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials unveiled a new biometric boarding process for a Lufthansa flight heading to Munich, Germany. Instead of showing their passports and boarding passes, passengers simply stopped in front of a camera, had their photo taken by an iPad-shaped, automated camera, and were cleared to board by a computer.
It’s the first of what could eventually be a systemwide phase-in, not just MIA but for most international flights in the U.S.. The roll-out allows airlines to better comply with a federal requirement that the U.S. government know who has left the country. Biometric systems have already been put in place at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Boston-Logan, and Los Angeles international airports.


英EU離脱、各シナリオの確率をアナリストが予想 | ロイター




英独仏、制裁回避へ新組織 米ドル介さずイランと貿易:朝日新聞デジタル


ドイツ銀、4年ぶり最終黒字  :日本経済新聞


ディオールのドレスなど、英ロンドンのV&A博物館で展示へ | ロイター


News Headlines - 01 February 2019

Carlos Ghosn’s treatment is a stain on ‘liberal’ Japan | FT

The abrupt arrest and indefinite detention of Carlos Ghosn in Japan have brought to mind unflattering parallels with Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. To those like me who know the former Nissan and Renault boss, his treatment suggests that Andrei Vyshinsky, the main architect of the judicial charades used to eliminate the Bolshevik old guard, is alive and well in the Tokyo public prosecutors’ office.

Most of UK's top-selling keyless cars at risk of theft, says Which? | The Guardian

The Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus - four of the top five models sold in the UK - are among the cars that are susceptible to theft using “cheap electronic equipment bought online”, the consumer group Which? said.
Keyless entry systems enable cars to start if a fob is nearby. However, thieves using relay devices to boost the signal can trick the cars’ sensors into thinking the keyless fob is closer than it is, enabling them to open and start a vehicle even when the fob remains in the owner’s house.

British restaurant insolvencies hit record, study shows | Reuters

The number of British restaurant insolvencies hit a record high in 2018 and have doubled since 2010, a study by accountants Price Bailey showed on Wednesday as the sector struggles with market saturation and competition from delivery apps.
There were 1,442 restaurant insolvencies in 2018, up 40 percent compared to 2017, Insolvency Service data obtained by Price Bailey showed. Four restaurant businesses a day are going bust, up from under two a day in 2010.

Unilever stockpiles Magnum ice-cream in case of no-deal Brexit | The Guardian

Unilever is stockpiling Magnum ice-cream in the UK to ensure supplies do not run low if there is a no-deal Brexit.
Alan Jope, Unilever’s chief executive, said the company had taken the decision to import extra supplies of the ice-cream, which is produced in mainland Europe, in case the ports grind to a halt.

EU parliament recognizes Guaido as Venezuelan interim president | Reuters

The European Parliament recognized Venezuela’s self-declared interim president Juan Guaido as de facto head of state on Thursday, heightening international pressure on the OPEC member’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro... EU lawmakers voted 439 in favor to 104 against, with 88 abstentions, at a special session in Brussels to recognize Venezuelan congress head Guaido as interim leader.
In a statement with the non-binding vote, the parliament urged the bloc’s 28 governments to follow suit and consider Guaido “the only legitimate interim president” until there were “new free, transparent and credible presidential elections”.


東京新聞:米、INF条約破棄通告へ きょう発表 ロシアと協議決裂


「米国製品購入強化を」 トランプ大統領が大統領令:朝日新聞デジタル


アップル従業員、自動運転車の企業秘密窃盗で起訴--2018年に続き2人目 - CNET Japan

 Jizhong Chen被告は、企業秘密を盗んだ疑いで米国で起訴された。……有罪が確定すれば、Chen被告は最大で懲役10年、罰金25万ドルを科される。企業秘密を盗んだとして自社の自動運転車チームの元メンバーが起訴されるのは、2018年7月に続き今回で2度目。

ゴーン前会長「有罪前になぜ処罰」 仏メディアに訴え [ゴーン前会長]:朝日新聞デジタル


米中西部で記録的大寒波続く、北東部にも拡大 死者12人 | ロイター


News Headlines - 31 January 2019

U.N. panel to point out S. Korea's violation of N. Korea sanctions

A U.N. panel plans to point out in an upcoming report South Korea's failure to notify the Security Council of its shipments of petroleum products to North Korea in breach of international sanctions, diplomatic sources said Wednesday.
It will be the first time for the sanctions committee on North Korea under the 15-member council to say that Seoul has violated U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang. South Korea has been stepping up efforts to improve relations with North Korea since last year.

77% of Russians Oppose Ceding Kuril Islands to Japan, Poll Says

Over three-quarters of Russians have said they oppose handing a chain of Pacific islands to Japan as the countries seek to resolve a long-standing territorial row, according to a state-funded poll released on Monday... According to the state-funded VTsIOM pollster, 77 percent of Russian respondents say they oppose giving the Kuril Islands to Japan.
Another 14 percent of respondents said they would favor the transfer of the islands.

Nomura posts second straight quarterly loss on wholesale segment write-off | Reuters

Nomura said in a statement its October-December net loss came in at 95.3 billion yen ($876.64 million), down from a profit of 88 billion yen a year earlier and compared with the 30.9 billion yen average profit estimate of two analysts compiled by Reuters.
The company said it booked an impairment charge of 81 billion yen during the period. It said the impairment is related to Instinet and Lehman Brothers.

FBI Investigating Mystery Tunnel Leading To Bank In Pembroke Pines - CBS Miami

The FBI is investigating the discovery of an underground tunnel, which appears to lead to a bank in Pembroke Pines.
The discovery started with a complaint Tuesday night about a sinkhole in the middle of the road at 390 South Flamingo Road. A crew from the city’s utility department was sent to check it out.
The tunnel was about two to three feet in diameter. Police found a winch, a generator, some boots, a bucket, and some other items nearby. Leverock said the FBI was called because police determined it was a suspected bank burglary.

German police arrest 3 Iraqi refugees suspected of planning terror attack | DW

Three Iraqi refugees were arrested on Wednesday in northern Germany for preparing a terror attack.
Two 23-year-olds and a 36-year-old were arrested in an early morning raid in the state of Schleswig-Holstein after a months-long investigation, German police said... Two of the suspects are accused of preparing a bomb using gunpowder from fireworks and another of aiding and abetting the terror plans.


日欧EPA、世界GDPの3割 あす発効、世界最大級の自由貿易圏誕生へ - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


重い腰あげた欧州のファーウェイ排除 - 産経ニュース


FRB、年内の利上げ見送り示唆 利上げ局面の転換点に:朝日新聞デジタル




今さらウォーホル? 米社会の「暗部えぐる」側面に脚光:朝日新聞デジタル


News Headlines - 30 January 2019

Exclusive interview: Ghosn says 'plot and treason' led to arrest - Nikkei Asian Review

Former Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn told Nikkei in an exclusive interview Wednesday that he had "no doubt" that the charges against him were the result of "plot and treason" by Nissan executives opposed to his plan for deeper integration between Renault and its two Japanese alliance partners.

Cliff Sims: the ex-Trump staffer who wrote 'Team of Vipers' - The Washington Post

Yet another former aide to President Trump is in the news for writing a memoir about working in the White House. This time, it’s Cliff Sims, scribe of “Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House.”
Yes, the book reportedly contains the kind of salacious behind-the-scenes details about Trump’s most controversial moments that have come to characterize this very specific genre. But Sims also presents himself as a supporter of the president and his politics and has spoken on his press tour about his own personal failings.

US State Department Approves $2.15 Billion Aegis Ashore Sale to Japan | The Diplomat

The U.S. Department of State approved the possible sale of two Aegis Ashore batteries, the land-based variant of the Aegis combat system for defense against ballistic and cruise missiles, to Japan for an estimated $2.15 billion, the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said in a January 29 statement. The foreign military sale is still subject to congressional approval.

UNICEF appeals for $3.9 billion in emergency assistance for 41 million children affected by conflict or disaster

UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children sets out the agency’s 2019 appeal and its efforts to provide 41 million children with access to safe water, nutrition, education, health and protection in 59 countries across the globe. Funding for child protection programmes accounts for $385 million of the overall appeal, including almost $121 million for protection services for children affected by the Syria crisis.

Meghan Kate abuse: Kensington Palace asks social media firms to help combat negative comments - CNN

Kensington Palace has asked social media firms for help in combating a boom in abuse aimed at the British Duchesses Kate and Meghan.
The royal household -- which oversees the offices of Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry and Meghan -- has directly appealed to Instagram and Twitter for assistance in controlling vicious online comments aimed at both women, according to a source. The abuse is often made against one duchess by supporters of the other.
The volume of the comments, some of which are sexist and racist, is so significant that tackling them has been challenging, the source told CNN.